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My name is Paulysia Allsbrook, most people just call me Pauly though. I started my dance career whenever I was 12 in 2008. I knew I wanted to dance because all my friends were doing it, and it seemed really cool.

I never thought I would get as far as I have in life with it. I started taking class at DMC in 2008 in a pom tech class. From there I went on to dance on the CAMS pom squad my 8th grade year. 

I moved and continued to train and compete in contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, jazz, and ballet. I also competed solos.  My senior year I placed top 3 in the lyrical category at Showbiz.

I also danced with the CAHS Pom Squad from 2011-2014. There I accomplished so much!  My senior year I was captain and we went to win state and grand national champions in Jazz at Jamfest Nationals in Kentucky.

 I am a college student at UCO as well, where I am studying Kinesiology and minoring in Vocal Performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO.   I did DMA conventions for 3 years and I currently am on the UCO Pom Squad where I am under the direction of Lil Doescher.  I was also a dance major briefly and had the opportunity to take from Hui Cha Poos, Emily South, Allison High, and Anne Blasdel.

In the past I have taken classes from artists like Penny Capps, Becca Newman, Erica Portell, Audrey Case, Teddy Tedholdm, Lil C from Sytycd, Jo Rowan, Gregg Russell, Eric Harleston, Michelle Keys, Lateshia Dockery, among many others.  Dance has taught me to persevere, to make strong bonds with other people, to give everything I have, and how to hold my own self accountable. It is always requiring me to learn something new and never forget the basics or why I started.   It has taught me to be confident in who I am and to be a quick learner in any situation. It has given me the confidence I never had growing up and the ability to network with amazing people and artists.  Teaching has taught me a lot of things, especially patience.  Without dance I wouldn't have learned the value of thinking outside of the box regardless of what other people are going to think and to appreciate the honesty in the raw talent of the other dancers around me.