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Miss Christy entered the world of dance as a 3rd grader here in Midwest City at Judy’s School of Fine Arts.  After 2 years, she moved to the studio that she would later call her own: Furman-Gray.  She studied under Shirley Furman and her two daughters until she was twelve.  She took a break and explored her talents at sports such as cheerleading, tumbling, softball, and basketball.  Once she went off to college she decided to turn back to her first love: DANCE

While in college, she studied and taught dance on the side under Jody Phillips, who owns and continues to teach at the famous Jody Phillips Dance Company in Overland Park, Kansas.  Jody was also named Tremaine's Teacher of the Year in 2016, is an Ambassador for Dance Teachers Summit in both New York and Long Beach, CA, and continues to judge at various competitions.  Christy gained so much from her time there with Jody, whom she considers her mentor.  Jody not only taught her some amazing dance skills, but also about owning a business, being organized, and how to get things done!  Christy believes that she wouldn't be who she is today without Jody.  She was also able to attend conventions with Jody's studio that introduced her to instructors from all over the world, who had many varying and unique teaching styles.  Christy specialized in tap but she also was phenomenal at teaching and performing ballet, jazz, lyrical, pom, technique, and stretching.   

After graduating from college with a BS in Education, she opened her first studio in 1991 at the age of 23 in the small town of Ft. Scott, Kansas.  Christy and her family then moved to Hutchinson, Kansas.  She decided to go back to taking classes and learning under Miss Betsie Andrews at Studio 3100.  Miss Betsie was a famous dancer as a Rockette in New York’s Radio City Music Hall.  While at Studio 3100, Christy was invited to teach several Master Classes.

In June of 1994, Christy and her family decided to move back to their hometown of Midwest City, Oklahoma.  So, in January of 1995 she opened this studio under the name Dance Masters by Christy & Co.  As if her plate wasn’t full enough, she decided to enroll in modeling classes at the John Casablanca Modeling School and landed some local photo shoots, runway modeling, mannequin modeling, and some commercial jobs, further developing her theatrical talents.  She was so great that they hired her on staff as an instructor for 5 years while her dance studio was taking off. 

Since graduating high school, she has judged various auditions, tryouts, & pageants as well as taking and teaching pageant training.  She has worked closely with several high school pom squads with their training, dance technique, and choreography. 

Her skills as a dance teacher and a studio owner and operator, have enabled her to raise super-stars.  She has raised up a Denver Bronco Cheerleader, OKC Thunder Cheerleaders, a Denver Outlaw Cheerleader, Yard Dawgz Cheerleaders, several other professional dancers, and many college dance team members.  Her studio and its dancers have won more awards than she can count, including over 20 National Championships, 100s of Regional Top 10s, and over 20 State Championships since 2008 alone. 

Miss Christy graduated in April 2012 from the "Leadership of MWC" and has helped raise over $15,000 for local charities in the Mid-Del area.  She has immersed herself and this studio in the development of her family, students, and the community around her. 

She continues her journey with this dance studio because of the impact that she can make on her students.  She loves seeing the lightbulb go off for a student who finally “gets it” and seeing how far they have come.  Even more so, she continues because of the impact that her students make on her.  The appreciation, support, hugs, and loyalty she receives is overwhelming.  For some students, she is family and to others she becomes a second mom.  The fact that some of her very first students still have her traditional Christmas ornament gifts hanging on their trees is so comforting to her.  Students return and thank her years later saying,

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.”