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I’m Mary Searock and I’ve been a part of the staff at DMC since 2013. Throughout the years at DMC I’ve had a few different titles. Currently, I hold the role of studio supervisor and handle quite a few random things around studio and I’ve done just about every job there is to do. Most of the time you’ll see me running around doing errands for Christy and making sure that the craziness stays at a minimum. Sometimes I’m in the office, teaching classes, assisting where needed, and I’ve even been known to clean a toilet are two. When I’m not at the dance studio I’m at school at the University of Central Oklahoma where I major in Criminal Justice and minor in Psychology and Sociology. I also recently graduated from Rose State College with my Associates degree in Social Work and Counseling. So, I am always ready to listen and help where I can. I do have another job at the Oklahoma State Capitol as a Legislative Assistant for the House of Representatives which is my “big girl job."

DMC has played a major role in my life over the last 20 years! I started dancing at the very first studio that Christy owned in Oklahoma. I have danced at every studio she has had in Oklahoma. I have taken everything from ballet to belly dancing. My favorite is tap and that’s the only dance shoes you can get me into these days. I competed with DMC winning several top ten titles. While I don’t get out on the dance floor very often anymore, dance remains very close to my heart and it is something that has had a major impact on me throughout my life.

Since I spend most of my time in the office I have learned about what it takes to run a small business and let me tell you, it’s no small feat! Not only have I gained work experience but I’ve also gained a lot of confidence from working there. I can rock any interview and have learned to enjoy working with people.

With any business, there are a lot of ups and down and I am thankful to work with the wonderful women that I do. I have met so many strong, motivated, and talented people through my years at the dance studio and I can’t wait for the years that are ahead of us.