Lynse is the oldest of Christy’s 3 daughters. 

She has been dancing and performing since the age of 2.  She was a teacher and choreographer in her family operated studio, since the age of 12. 

Lynse has taken from some of the worlds most renowned choreographers in the world like Mia Michaels and Wade Robson and some local greats such as Hui Cha Poos and Robin Conners. 

She has been in over 30 years of recitals (many which were the lead role), such as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” recital, Belle in the “Beauty and the Beast” recital, Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” recital, Cinderella in the “Cinderella” recital, Wendy in the “Peter Pan” recital, The Bird Lady in the “Mary Poppins” recital, and an Arabian Dancer in the “Nutcracker” recital.  She was the choreographer behind many "Karey On" dances and has also been involved in countless charity events. 

At DMC Lynse was an Artistic Director, costume designer, & competition coach. 

She currently travels across the nation, sharing her talents with others through Soul de Soul, is considered one of the highest paid choreographers in the nation and continues to teach dance. 

Lynse is the proud wife of Steven Iwersen and they have 2 Rockstar sons; Kiesen and Kross!