In loving memory
Jan 2, 1992 - Feb 22, 2008

Karey Nicole Rolland danced for DMC Dance for 13 years and her life was tragically cut short at 16 in a car accident.  She was on her way to school that morning and a patch of fog had frozen on the street.  When she put on her brakes, the car hit the frozen spot, spun out of control, and hit a brick mailbox.  She was taken to OU Medical Center and never regained consciousness.  Karey's dance class met tht evening, but didn't work on any dances for competition or recital.  They did what they do best and "danced it out" with half the lights out, praying, crying, and talking about Karey.  The dance was performed at her funeral, then at recital in honor of her memory.

Karey did nothing wrong, didn't break any laws, as not speeding, and was just on her way to school just like any other day.  We should all live and love life to its fullest, keep our priorities in check, tell our children daily that we love them, don't take things or people for granted, and know that we never have the promise of tomorrow.

DMC Dance and Karey's parents set up a memorial fund in her name.  Money put into the memorial fund comes from Karey's parents, the studio recital teddy bear sales, recital tee shirts, personal donations. and 100% of the proceeds from our annual yearbook.  This fund is used to helpp provide scholarships for lessons and incidentals!

Donations are always welcome and can be made to "Karey Rolland Memorial Fund" by check and can be mailed to the studio at anytime as well:
9110 Harmony Drive
MWC OK 73130

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