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Joelle Volpe has been a Choctaw and Harrah resident since 2004.  She is a homeschooling mother of six.  Her husband retired from the Navy at Tinker AFB in 2013.  She has had dance training since she was 3 years old: 13 years prior to college, minored in Dance at Jacksonville University in Florida where she received her BA degree in English and her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree. Joelle has 20+ years of choreography experience for cheerleading competitions, musicals, recitals, pageants, and choir performances.  Her most recent performances were “Shake”, a tap dance choreographed and performed with Janet Luce at Lord of the Dance Showcase 2016 at The State Theater, Harrah, OK and she was a “Minion” in the Danver’s Lily Ballet at St. Gregory’s University Sarkey Theater, Spring 2015.  Joelle was previously a teacher for DMC in Midwest City, and this is her second year of owning and operating her own Christian dance studio.